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5 Best Dish washers in India – 2018

Best dishwasher brands in India are

  • Bosch
  • IFB
  • Siemens
  • LG
  • Elica (Whirlpool)

We Highly recommend you to read the Dishwasher Buying Guide at the end of the article to get in-depth knowledge about all the latest Dishwasher technologies.


Best Dishwasher in India 2018

1. Bosch Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

(SMS60L 18IN, Silver Inox)

Available at Amazon, this dishwasher is perfectly suited for the Indian kitchen. You have three more versions of the same model, namely “SMS60L 12IN – White”, “SMS60L 08IN – Silver Inox”, and “SMS60L 02IN – White.”

Let us look at the prominent features of this model and understand why it is the best dishwasher for the Indian kitchen.

Bosch Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

This dishwasher comes with an auto program feature where you place the utensils inside the machine and allows the machine to do the rest. You have the facility of delaying the commencement of the cleaning using the Electronic Delay Timer.

The Eco Silence Drive ensures that the appliance works with a high degree of efficiency using the minimum amount of power. There is a half load function available whereby you need not wait for the complete load. This can save you a lot of power as well.

By heating the water up to 70 degrees Celsius, this appliance is capable of eliminating 99.9% of bacteria thereby delivering a perfectly hygienic wash. Saving water is one of the prime concerns of this machine. There is no need for you to pre-rinse the utensilsbefore placing them inside the appliance.

Facilities like the load sensor and the 60 minutes wash cycle ensures power saving. This appliance comes with the latest safety features such as child lock, etc. Capable of holding the typical Indian utensils like pressure cookers and kadhais, this appliance is truly the best dishwasher in India. This machine comes with a 10-year rust proof warranty.

2. Bosch 12 Place Setting Dishwasher

(SMS40E32EU, White)

This machine has basically similar features to the one described above with some slight modifications. We shall look at some of the basic features of this appliance.

Bosch 12 Place Setting Dishwasher

Power saving is the foremost advantage of this machine. It has load sensors, partial load options, and electronic delay timers to save power and give you a sense of comfort and convenience while handling the appliance. The Eco Silence Drive helps in increasing the efficiency of the machine.

This is an effortless cleaning machine perfectly suited for Indian utensils. It has additional features like Dossage Assist that help in uniform distribution of detergents thereby enabling an enhanced cleaning performance. The Aqua Stop facility is a novel one as well as it helps in detecting leakages and immediately stopping the flow of water.

Capable of heating water up to 65 degrees Celsius, this machine is a hygienic one. It can save a considerable amount of water thereby earning the reputation of being one of the best dishwasher in India 2018.

3. IFB Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

(Neptune FX, White)

Amazon is the best place for you to get this machine. You have attractive discounts on the anvil. Let us look at some of the exciting features of this appliance.

IFB Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

The water softening device is capable of softening water up to 60 dh. Hence, it increases the efficiency of the detergents. The three-tiered heavy soiled program is perfect for Indian kitchens. The dishes get a pre-wash with water at 50 degrees Celsius followed by a thorough wash at 70 degrees Celsius.

Finally, you have the rinsing to remove stubborn oil stains. This ensures that your vessels get a hygienic wash as well. Adjustable shelves help you to place larger utensils easily.

4. IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher

(12 Place Settings, Dark Silver)

The IFB dishwashers have a reputation of providing the highest degree of efficiency. Specially manufactured for Indian kitchens, these dishwashers can handle stainless steel vessels in a better way. Have a glance at the exemplary features of this model.

IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher

This is a smart dishwasher in every way, especially with the hi-tech control panel and a stunning silver finish. More importantly, it is user-friendly. The Jet wash system allows you to wash less soiled dishes like coffee mugs etc in a matter of just 18 minutes, thereby making it the fastest dishwasher program in the industry.

Energy saving and water saving is the priority for this machine. It restricts water consumption to just 9 liters per day. The adjustable racks allow for fitting in your larger utensils with ease. The half-load feature is a convenient mode that allows you to use either of the baskets.

The steam drying facility is perfect especially for your glassware items as it does not leave any drops on the utensils. The water softening feature is common to all IFB machines thereby making it perfect for Indian conditions.

5. Siemens SN26L800IN Freestanding Dishwasher

(12 Place Settings, Silver)

Siemens is a reputed electronic giant as far as consumer durable items are concerned. Hence, you find the Siemens dishwasher an extremely popular appliance in India. Let us study the important features of this machine.

You have a newer model of this machine (Siemens Free-standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher SN26L801IN, Steel) as well in Amazon.

Siemens SN26L800IN Freestanding Dishwasher

This front-loading machine comes with 12 different settings thereby enabling you to wash utensils of different sizes at the same time. The advantage of the free standing version is that you do not require the services of an engineer to install the same.

The design is such that utensils will not fall during the washing cycles. This machine comes with a 4-wash cycle program. Other prominent features are the frequent-start-delay settings, temperature settings, adjustable racks, and varied speed and drying options.

The removable top allows you to access the utensils at any time. In addition to saving water, this appliance can save electricity as well. These features make this appliance one of the best dishwashers for Indian kitchens.


Dishwasher Buying Guide

Let us examine the various factors that go into choosing the right kind of dishwasher for an Indian home.

Size of the family

This is a very important aspect of purchasing any kitchen appliance. The capacity of the dishwasher you choose depends a lot on the size of your family.

They are available in 8, 12, and tall tub configurations.

The standard one is the 12 place setting that can hold a maximum of 12 quantities each of dinner plates, quarter glasses, bowls, saucers, and dessert plates.

You can always add the spoons and forks separately.

This setting is enough to hold your kadhais and pots as well.

The older generation does like to have their food in big sized thalis. Under such circumstances, you may need the 16-place setting or the tall configuration as they call it.

The maximum number of utensils a dishwasher can wash currently is around 115 to 120. Now, you decide where you stand.

Different types of dishwashers

There are broadly four major types of dishwashers based on the requirements of the family.

Built-In under the Counter dishwashers

This is a common type of dishwasher where they install the appliance directly under the kitchen counter. This is a permanent fitting and hence, provides the most convenient setting.

You do not connect the faucet to the appliance. Therefore, the kitchen sink remains free even while the machine is running. This is a great appliance if you live in your own house.

Portable Free-Standing Dishwashers

Not everybody has the luxury of living in their own houses. A sizeable population of India lives in rented houses.

Naturally, they would not like to have the dishwasher as a permanent solution. The portable free-standing dishwashers are the perfect option for them.

The only thing you need is a parking space in the kitchen.

You can drag the machine near the sink, connect the ‘hook-up’ to the faucet and set your machine in motion. When not in use, they serve as an additional counter-top workspace.

Dish drawers

The dish drawer is the perfect type of dishwasher for the smaller nuclear families of today.

If you need a larger one, you can opt for the double drawer type instead of the single one. The best quality of the double drawer system is that they work independently of each other.

Countertop dishwasher

This dishwasher is similar to the portable one in many ways.

The only difference is that you have to place it on the counter near the sink. On connecting the hook-up to the faucet, you can start using it in the normal mode.

The hardware and the functioning:

It is better to have a fair idea about the functioning of the machine, the wash programs, the cycles, etc before going in for the purchase of a dishwasher. The material used for manufacture is also relevant.

Let us have a brief outlook of these features of the dishwasher.


Stainless steel is definitely more durable and preferred over the plastic ones. There are various reasons for the same.

Steel has the capacity of resisting stains and keeping out the odors. Transfer of heat takes place faster in steel tubs as compared to plastic.

Steel tubs can withstand higher temperature settings and is naturally energy efficient at the same time. They might be expensive initially but they save you a lot of money in the long run.

Usual Features:

The dishwashers have many features. Some of them could be unique to a particular brand. Any add-on feature will naturally cost you more.

You have features like removable racks, collapsible racks, etc. Indians should opt for adjustable shelves for the simple reason that they have odd-shaped utensils such as pressure cookers with their handles, etc. You get dishwashers with convertible racks as well today.

Wash Cycles:

There are numerous cleaning options available in the dishwashers today. You have the option of having a customized wash cycle as well depending on the type of dishes you load. We shall see the different types of wash cycles now.

Delayed wash: You can set the timing from one hour to 24 hours for the cycle to begin. Of course, this depends on the model you choose.

Rinse and hold: This cycle enables the rinsing of the utensils and removing the odor without using the detergent while it awaits the full load.

Only Rinse: This is the best cycle for washing away the leftovers.

Quick wash: You are able to clean the slightly soiled utensils in double quick time using this cycle.

Sanitize: In this cycle, you use water at a high temperature to kill about 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Smart Features:

With the advancement in technology, you have sensors to ensure efficient cleaning as saving or power as well. Some of them are as follows.

Soil level sensors are capable of sensing the dirt and thereby adjust wash cycles accordingly. You have water sensors to determine the optimum level of water.

Temperature sensors are useful for ensuring the appropriate temperature whereas detergent sensors help in releasing the tight quantity of detergent depending on the load.

Washing levels:

You have different washing levels to decide the distribution of water jets during a cycle. The three-tier system enhances the experience a great deal by ensuring a better wash.

Auto restart:

There can be power cuts in India frequently. The auto restart option ensures that the machine starts functioning from that point in the cycle after the resumption of power supply.

Food disposal and filters:

Usually, it is good if you remove the solid food particles before placing the utensils in the machine.

This can prevent the clogging of the machine. However, you have an advanced feature whereby there is no need to rinse your plates before placing them in the machine.

The filters take care of such food particles. Self-cleaning filters ensure hands-free maintenance whereas manual filters require cleaning at regular intervals.

Compatibility with hard water:

Barring a couple of cities in India, you have hard water everywhere. Hence, opting for a dishwasher having hard water compatibility is the best way out.

Such machines have a water softening chamber thus preventing scaling and excessive use of detergents. These machines have salt dispenser to pump salt into the machine to dissolve the hardness.

Safety features:

Your dishwasher should have the safety lock system so that you do not accidentally open the machine while it is running. They call it the child safety lock in this industry. As far as insulation is concerned, these machines have state of the art insulations to prevent accidents.

External features:

The machines nowadays have hidden controls at the top of the door. This enables you to have a sleek machine. These machines are available in an assortment of attractive colors.

You have buzzers to indicate the completion of each cycle. There are indicators to let you know about the abrupt stoppage of water supply. Drain pumps can help prevent the flooding inside the machine.

Final words

We have just seen some of the best dishwashers available that can suit the Indian kitchen. Purchasing and installing one in the kitchen right away should not be an issue.

Maybe, the housemaid might not appreciate the idea. The quintessential husband might have his moments of grief.

However, the woman of the house deserves this appliance more than anything else. It allows her to stamp her authority all over the place once again.

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