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5 Best Air Conditioners in India – 2018 AC

1. Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC (518HWDS)


Hitachi RAU318HWDS is one of the Best 5 Star Rated 1.5 Ton Split ACs in India. The Product has BEE 5 Star Energy Efficient Rating, and the condenser coil is made of copper.

The Hitachi 1.5 Ton Split AC comes with Auto Climate Technology and Auto Humid Control that sets the temperature of the AC according to the outside climate.

This AC can keep every corner of your room cool as it comes with a 4-way Air swing technology. You can also make use of the Auto Power Save mode feature of this AC that sets the temperature around 25-degree Celsius and adjusts the fan speed for optimum cooling.

You can also Turn on this AC’s powerful mode that helps cool the room faster. Other features include On-Off Timer, Digilock, and Auto Restart. The Hitachi Split AC is very easy to operate.

This AC also removes the excessive moisture in the room and is ideal for high humidity conditions. The Cooling capacity of this AC is 5500 W and the EER Value is 3.7. Other notable features of this AC include Dust, Bacterial filters, one-touch silent cooling, digilock function, auto restart and multiple operating modes.

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC comes with 1 Year Warranty on Complete Unit and 5 Years on Compressor.

2. LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Dual Inverter AC (JS-Q18 Series)


Model Numbers: JS-Q18CPXD2, JS-Q18FUXD1, JS-Q18PUXA, JS-Q18TUXD1, JS-Q18TWXD1, JS-Q18BUXD

The Latest LG JS-Q18 Series Dual Inverter Air Conditioners are equipped with a Copper Condenser and offers great power savings. This LG Dual Inverter AC has Dual Rotary Motors with a wider rotational frequency.

This AC offers high-speed Cooling range and also operates silently. This Copper AC has Ocean Black protection and is protected from Pollutants like Sand, Salt, and Smoke. Also, this AC has Gold Fin Condenser and is protected against corrosion.

The Cooling capacity of this AC is 5187 W and the EER value is 3.68. R410A is the refrigerant that is used in this LG AC. Also, there are Dust and Anti-Bacterial filters.

Other features of this LG Dual Inverter AC include Auto Restart, Low Refrigerant Detection, Himalaya Turbo Cool and Micro Dust Protection filters.

LG Provides 1 Year Warranty on the Whole AC Unit and Nine Years on the Compressor. Also, LG has a wide range of service centers across India. If you are Planning to use the AC for longer periods of time, this LG Dual Inverter AC is the right choice.

3. Samsung 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter AC (AR18NV3HFTR)

Another Inverter AC in the List, this Time from Samsung. From 2018, all the Inverter AC models will have to be star rated. Previously, the star ratings are not mandatory for Inverter AC.

This BEE 3 Star rated Inverter AC from Samsung comes with a Copper condenser and the EER Value is 2.94. This Samsung AC offers more energy savings than a normal split AC. The Cooling capacity of this AC is 5000W and R410A is the refrigerant that is used in this AC.

The 8 Pole Digital Inverter in this Samsung Inverter AC not only consumes lesser energy but also operates quietly. The Inverter Air Conditioners maintains the desired temperature without actually turning the compressor off and on.

Also, this Samsung 1.5 Ton Inverter AC comes with Triple Protector Plus feature and an In-Built Stabiliser. This AC is protected from sudden voltage drops and power fluctuations (80 V to 450 V)

The Condenser of this Samsung Inverter AC is resistant to corrosion. You can go with this model even if you live near to a water body. Other features of this AC include Dust, Bacterial filters, Auto Restart and Multiple Modes. Samsung provides 10 years warranty on the Digital Inverter and 1 year on the Copper condenser.

4. Sansui 1.5 Ton Star Inverter Split AC

Model Numbers: (SS4C54, SSD55WS1, SSD53)

This 1.5 Ton Inverter AC from Sansui (SS4C54.WS1-CM) comes with a Copper Condenser and offers better energy savings than a non-Inverter Split AC.

This Sansui Inverter AC has BEE 3 Star rating. The Cooling capacity of this AC is 4950 W. Other notable features of this AC include Dust and Anti-Bacterial filters, glow in the dark remote buttons, turbo cooling, auto restart and dehumidification.

This is one of the budget inverter air conditioners that you can buy  right now. If you are living near to a sea or any other water body, it is better to go with the AC that comes with a Copper Condenser. Otherwise, Aluminum is also good.

Please note that both copper and Aluminum are prone to corrosion. Just make sure you pick the AC that provides good corrosion protection for the condenser coils.

Sansui Provides 1 Year Warranty on the Complete AC unit and 5 Years on the Compressor.

5. Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC White (18 ESTER)


The Next AC in the List of the top Air Conditioners is Carrier Ester Split AC.

This Carrier Ester Split AC is equipped with a PM 2.5 Filter, It not only makes your home cool but also keeps the bacteria and germs out.

This Air Conditioner has BEE 5 Star Energy Efficient Rating and the condenser coil is made of Copper. The Cooling capacity is 4800 W, and the power usage is 1370 W.

Also, there are Anti-Bacteria and Dust Filters. Operating Modes include Dry Mode, Economic Sleep mode, Auto mode and Turbo mode. In Hot Summer, you can just Turn on the Turbo Mode and enjoy the fast cooling.

The LED Display Panel is good, and you can always have a look at the Indoor Temperature. Other Convenience Features include Refrigerant Leakage Detector, Louver Position Memory, Auto Off / On Timer.

The Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC comes with 1 Year Warranty on Complete Unit and 4 Years on Compressor.

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